Helping organizations achieve digital control and stability so everyone can focus on their core business

“Personal service and commitment on a completely different level.
The Service Corporation understands my needs and gives me customized advice”

Customer service is an asset not ONLY a cost

It is about 10 times cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. Therefore, make sure to equip the staff with the right tools and reliable processes, or take help from us to staff the function 24/7 and meet your customers in the channels that suit them best.

processes are more important than the tools

When we carry out business analyzes with our customers, up to 70% of the challenges usually relate to deficiency in the processes, but most companies acquire new systems to remedy the problems. If you want to do the things in the right order, we can help.


Do you have the right licenses, are the computers protected, do you meet the requirements of the GDPR and do you have control over your documentation. Get help setting up new technology to make your everyday IT easier. We can guide you in the right direction and recommend the products and services that you would need.


TSC delivers support, 24/7, to approximately 15,000 users in 70 countries using G Suite as a communication platform

TSC delivers a case management platform for K-Rauta's dialogue with e-commerce customers via several support channels.

TSC delivers support for Sweden's largest learning platform Vklass, with over 500,000 users in municipal and private school activities

TSC delivers a case management platform and services for Cervera's dialogue with customers in several countries via several support channels.

TSC provides platform for case management and services for Synsam's dialogue with customers, logistics partners and internal IT users

TSC provides platform for case management, telephony and services for Pierce-ecom dialogue with e-commerce customers