Support As A Service

OneServicedesk - a modern and efficient support service

When you focus on developing your company and creating better results, TSC’s service (OneServicedesk) can take care of support for your customers, users or platforms. We are available 24/7 and can offer support via optional channels such as email, chat, forms, social channels and telephone.

We take care of the users, work actively to continuously develop the knowledge database, analyze data, escalate and report back to you. The data you receive from us will be the basis for better decisions regarding product development, business development and sales efforts.

We have big focus on a modern service which includes a large portion of self-help. Something that improves the user experience and reduces the pressure on the service desk. This is made possible by smart systems, processes and people who are constantly developing and learning.

We support our customers from our delivery centers, in Malaysia and Stockholm, and can deliver support in Mandarin, English, Swedish and other languages.

There are two uses for our support concept:

Support for your employees.

Technical product support on own product / service to your users / customers

Why The Service Corporation?


We take care of your support needs and are available 24/7 for your users, customers and for system alarm management


We develop simple and efficient workflows for how we interact in support deliveries and how we handle improvement inquiries and sales opportunities


We maintain and update the knowledge database as part of the support process. If you want, we can run self-help solutions for your customers / users via support portals or AI


We provide technical support for businesses of all sizes of your products, software and cloud services. We start with level 1 support but can gradually take over level 2 as well.


We offer a ready-made platform for managing your cases in the channels that you want to offer your customers / users.


Our customer managers have regular meetings with you to report statistics, discuss improvement areas and changes that affect the delivery


Customer Cases


TSC delivers support 24/7 to approximately 15,000 users in 70 countries using Google Cloud Platform as a communication platform


TSC delivers support for Sweden’s largest learning platform Vklass with over 500,000 users.